Summer Dinner Salads

Are you sick of plain old boring lettuce and tomato salads? Do you feel more comfortable eating lighter refreshing meals in summer? I have several dinner salads for you to try on these warm summer evenings, I know you will be delighted with the different flavours, colours and textures.

As we all know it's important to have a balanced meal. In my Summer Dinner Salad recipes, you will find vegetables, fruit, protein and healthy fats, to achieve that balance. Check out below the recipes for Asian Meatball Salad, Avocado & Mango Salad with Smoked Paprika Fish and my Summer Meatball Salad.

ASIAN MEATBALL SALAD click here for the recipe

These tasty Asian Meatballs are so simple and quick to make. While the meatballs cook in the oven, prepare the Coleslaw salad of green and red cabbages, carrot and the fresh herbs, mint and coriander. The Asian dressing gets it's flavour from a mix of sesame and olive oils, coconut aminos, lemon juice and ginger. Put them all together and you have a very nourishing meal that's perfect for a summer lunch or dinner. (See below the small ice cream scoop I use to shape my meatballs nice and round and to save time).

AVOCADO & MANGO SALAD with SMOKED PAPRIKA FISH click here for the recipe

A colourful salad full of flavour and textures. The fish fillets are marinated in coconut milk, olive oil, lemon zest, smoked paprika, garlic and ginger which gives so much flavour to the fish. I used Hoki as they are thick fillets and have a mild fish flavour. This salad has so many textures and flavours going on in your mouth at once, it's so delicious.

SUMMER MEATBALL SALAD click here for the recipe

This summer meal consists of lightly fragrant meatballs in a fresh garden and kiwifruit salad. I have the meatballs and salad topped with a tasty mustard and almond butter dressing. The meatballs are lightly flavoured with aromatic spices of caraway, celery and fennel seeds. The addition of kiwi fruit to the garden salad doesn't just brighten it with it's lovely sweet green flesh but you get a good dose of vitamins C, K and E, plus dietary fibre. We don't always think to add extra flavour, colour, texture or nutrients to our salads by adding summer fruits. Try it, you will be surprised. Note: If there's a nut allergy in your family, swap the almond butter in the dressing with tahini or sunflower butter (If using tahini add 1 teaspoon of honey).

To make the job of forming your meat balls quick and easy, I use a 'Mocha' magic ice cream scoop (50mm). It's a great size for when small meatballs are required in a recipe. It's easy to use; just squeeze the two handles together then scoop, I run it up the sides of the mixing bowl and the excess meatball mixture will come away and this also compresses the mixture in the scoop. Release the grip on the handles and the meatball drops out effortlessly onto your prepared tray. I originally purchased the scoop to make raw macaroons but found it excellent for forming meatballs. See the photo of my 'Mocha' scoop below. (They can be purchased at kitchen shops or online).

Summer has us more outdoors and sometimes running out of time to prepare a nutritious meal. Bake a double batch of your meatballs and freeze half to keep for days that you are very busy.

Enjoy the salads and fruits that are in season at the moment. Treat your family to delicious Summer Dinner Salads and enjoy their freshness while they are available.