Raisin Bread/Toast

Have you missed raisin toast? I know I have on my Paleo journey, there's just some things that make life just that little bit sweeter and raisin toast is one of them. Oh that comforting smell in the house, when raisin bread is toasting, Mmmm...

My 'Paleo Raisin Bread' is lightly spiced with cinnamon and allspice, sweetened with a little unprocessed honey and organic dried fruit. I've used organic sultanas and Medjool dates but you can add your favourite dried fruits, like apricot, fig or even some orange zest. Just make sure you purchase organic fruit with no preservatives (sulphur) or vegetable oils added.

I also like to glaze the top of my loaf with egg white. I remove the bread 15 minutes before the final baking time and egg wash to give a gloss to the raisin bread, but this is optional.

RAISIN BREAD click here for the recipe

I based this recipe on my popular 'Paleo Sesame Sandwich Bread'. As that recipe has been a success, it gave me a great platform to begin creating one of my most missed treats. Adults and kids alike are going to enjoy this recipe. Another big bonus, it's nut free and can be packed into school lunch boxes.

There's no problem when slicing this bread, you can slice as thin as you like with no worry of any crumbing. Serve, spread with organic grass fed butter or cultured butter.

RAISIN BREAD click here for the recipe

You will find in most of my recipes that contain arrowroot flour, that I will also have a lot of fibre and this is because I don't want the starch to stay inside our body for long to turn into sugar. Arrowroot and tapioca flours can be used interchangeable in this recipe but do note, that they are not the same. Arrowroot is much gentler on the gut and is one of the easiest starches to digest, personally tapioca can irritate me with the same reaction I get from eating gluten. Please note that some manufacturers will market their arrowroot and tapioca flours as the same product, so please be aware if you have gut or colon issues or allergies to tapioca flour/starch.

ENJOY! and I hope your family loves it as much as mine does.