Chicken & Vegetable Pie

Pie anyone?? On a cold winters day there's nothing more satisfying than a warm comforting meal and this pie certainly fits the bill.

My paleo short crust style pastry, covers a tasty filling of chicken and vegetables set in a creamy dairy free sauce, flavoured with a little paprika and thyme. I use cooked chicken in this recipe, perfect for using up leftover roast chicken or chicken from making broth.

This pastry will surprise you how close it is to traditional short crust pastry. You can make it ahead of time and keep it wrapped in the fridge to use later in the day but leaving overnight may cause it to dry out, as it does have some coconut flour in it. This pastry rolls perfectly between 2 sheets of baking paper without splitting but if you have any accidents, no problem, it mends easy by pressing together.

CHICKEN & VEGETABLE PIE Recipe click here


A delicious pie the whole family will enjoy!